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The various tests that one requires for applying abroad are given here. For test preparation tips, dates, test centers and other details of any particular test, click on its name in the given table below. You would be required to take at least one of the following English proficiency tests along with the standardized tests for admission to any program.


English Proficiency Tests

Test Program
TOEFL Required for almost all programs in US.
Acceptable along with TWE, in place of IELTS in universities of Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand.
IELTS Required for most  Universities in U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand. 
TSE Recommended for people who plan to apply for a teaching assistantship in U.S.


Other Standardized Tests


Undergraduate Level (Bachelor degree programs)

Test Program
SAT - I Required for almost all Undergraduate Programs in US
SAT - II Required by a few Universities in US for specific courses


Graduate Level (Masters & PhD level programs)

Test Program
GRE Required for Humanities, Sciences, Engineering fields in US
GRE Subject Required along with GRE, for a few Universities and Programs in US
GMAT Required for Business/Management Programs all over the world
LSAT Law Programs in US
USMLE Medicine Programs in US
GGFNS Required for Graduate Programs in Nursing in US




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