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Infosys Placement Papers 9

1. Persons A and B. Person A picks a random no. from 1 to 1000.Then person B picks a random no. from 1 to 1000. What is the probability of B getting no. greater then what A has picked.

2. Some free body diagram is given

            3 | 9
            2 | 4 |
           C  | 5 | 9   15
           3 | 2 |
        80   | |   A B
For equilibirium find values of A,B,and C.

3. Three boys and three girls brought up together. Jim,Jane,Tom,Virgina,Dorthy,and XXX. They marry among themselves to form three couples. Conditions are :

i) Sum of their ages would be the same.
ii) Virgina was the oldest.
iii) Jim was dorthy's brother.
iv) Sum of ages Jane+Jim and Tom+dorthy is same.
Give the three couples.

4. X^(1/3) - X^(1/9) =60
Solve for X.


     X Z Y
    +X Y Z
     Y Z X
Find the three digits.

6. Two boats start from opposite banks of river perpendicular to theshore.One is faster then the other.They meet at 720 yards from one of theends. After reaching opposite ends they rest for 10 mins each. After that they start back. This time on the return journey they meet at 400 yards from the other end of the river. Calculate the width of the river.

7. Basketball Tournament organisers decided that two consecutive defeats will knock out the team. There are 51 teams participating. What is the maximum no. of matches that can be played.

8. Three guys are there A,B,C. They have three subjects to take from biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. The four statements of the guys are given. Only two statements are correct out of them.

9. The Master says to his grandmaster that me and my three cousins have ages in prime numbers only. Summation of our ages is 50. Grandmaster who knows the age of the master instantly tells the ages of the three cousins. Tell the ages of three cousins.( 1 is not considered as prime no.)

10. There are two families Alens and smiths. They have two children each. There names are A,B,C,D whose ages are different and ages are less then or equal to 11. The following conditions are given:-

i) A's age is three years less then his brother's age.
ii) B is eldest among the four.
iii) C is half the age of the eldest in Alens family.
iv) The difference in sum of the ages of Alens children and smiths children is same as that of five years ago.
Find the ages of all the childeren.




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