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General Tips for the Interview

The Essentials

a) Fundamental principles pertaining to his academics ( most important )
b) Essentials of past life and clear cut career objectives
c) General awareness of world around him
d) In depth knowledge of your extra curricular activities

Apart from these in general keep the following in mind

  • Always remember its a sort of formal occasion and never get too informal , like accepting interviewers offer for a smoke or drink
  • Smart and clean turnout. Neat clothes and polished shoes with tidy hair.
  • Be cool and don't get nervous. Try to be pleasant , alert and maintain eye contact. If u cant hold your own in technical questions try to remain composed ;your confidence may do the trick.
  • Try to maintain a good rapport with the interviewer and get him to ask questions regarding the subjects you are strong in.
  • Maintain eye contact from the beginning and don't act in a manner so that the interviewer is distracted which for example can be caused by flashy dresses ,exaggerated arm movements or you shifting in your chair.
  • Give them the impression that you are going to stay with the company for at least 3 to 5 years. Never mention anything concerning GRE or CAT .
  • Never try to bluff your way through an interview. The interviewers would be able catch on to it fast.




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General Tips for the Interview


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