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Technical Selection 

As most of the companies coming to the campuses are from the IT industry hence you may expect them to probe your computer skills regardless of your stream. Knowledge of C is always an added advantage.

For Computer Students

For a computer student knowledge of C is essential. Other important topics include 

  • Data Structures
  • Operating Systems

Some students have also been grilled on Object Oriented Programming, C++ ,Microprocessor Architecture, Networking,  Database Management, Automata, Compiler Design and Computer Graphics depending upon subjects covered till the most recent semester.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Usage of pointers and their fundamentals in C?
  2. What is the difference between structures and unions in C?
  3. Basic concepts about data structures like trees, linked lists, circular lists, queues, arrays
  4. Sorting Methodology ( you may be asked to make an algorithm/program to implement a sort method).
  5. What is an finite algorithm?
  6. Basic concepts of Operating Systems such as multitasking, multithreading, real time systems, CPU  scheduling algorithms, deadlocks, memory management etc.
  7. Difference between one pass and multipass compilers, compilers and interpreters, parsing etc.


For Electronics and Communication Stream

For electronic students the important subjects are

  • Digital Circuits and Logic Design
  • Microprocessor Architecture of 8085
  • Electronic Design and Circuits
  • Communication and Networking

Some Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Difference between a latch and a flip flop
  2. What is sampling theorem and why is it needed
  3. Internal architecture of 8085
  4. Comparison between OpAmps and transistors
  5. Modulation techniques (AM ,FM , PAM etc.)
  6. Transistor biasing methods ( fixed bias , emitter bias  etc. )


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